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Forgot your password? On this page, we cover the Warlock -specific quests in WoW Classic. Warlock has several important class quests, with most of them being about learning how to summon various demons. The first quest that Warlocks get is for your Imp, which you can pick up at level 1. The quest will be a single step, and will involve you killing a few of a specific type of enemy, sometimes to bring items back from them. You can get this from the trainer in your starting area, and it should be one of the first quests that you complete when you begin leveling.

You can get your Voidwalker at level To begin the quest chain, just talk to any Warlock trainer, which will take you to the Warlock trainer in a major city.

The quest chain is relatively simple, all you have to do is go collect and item from a specific enemy or place that is in the same zone as the city. Once you have the item, go back to the city and talk to your Warlock trainer again. You will then need to summon and defeat a Voidwalker, after which you will learn to summon your own. You can begin this quest chain at level 20 by finding any Warlock trainer. After talking with the trainers, you will then be tasked with traveling to various zones, either to kill people or to deliver items.

Once you have completed your respective tasks, you will return to the city to summon and kill a Succubus. Once you kill it, you will learn how to summon your own. You can begin this quest chain at level 30 by visiting the Warlock trainer in your major city. Alliance and Horde have very similar quest for this, and both will start by going to Ratchet to find Strahad Farsan.

From there you will get a quest to retrieve parts of a book. The first part is the Moldy Tome which can be found in the Wetlands, and the second part is the Tattered Manuscript which can be found in Thousand Needles. Return to your respective city, and get another quest to go back to the Wetlands. Return back to your city, before finally returning to Ratchet to summon and fight a Felhunter. After defeating the Felhunter, you will learn how to summon your own.

Warlocks have the benefit of being able to summon both normal and epic mounts as a spell, along with learning the riding from completing the class quest involved.

This will save you 90 gold while leveling, and potentially hundreds of gold for epic riding if you do not mind waiting until phase 2 for your epic mount.

wow classic quests

At level 40, Warlocks will be able to get a quest to learn Summon Felsteed. In addition to being able to summon a mount, you will also learn the riding skill for free. To start, go to a Warlock trainer in any major city. They will give you a quest to travel to Ratchet, and to speak with Strahad Farsan. Talk to Strahad, and he will teach you Summon Felsteed along with the Apprentice riding skill. Congratulations, you have your first mount! This is quite a long and expensive quest, but is still cheaper than buying your epic mount through the normal vendors and trainers.

Below is the list of materials that you will need for the quest, and it is generally recommended to have these ready beforehand. In addition to what is above, the last part of the quest involves a summoning ritual with several required reagents. In total these materials will cost about g, but performing the summoning does not actually consume the materials.

This means that if you can find a Warlock who has already done the quest and is willing to help you, you can save g by having them perform the summoning using their materials. To start the quest for your Dreadsteed, visit the Demon trainer in either Ironforge or Stormwind at level Pick up the quest Mor'zul Bloodbringer.

The quest line above is part 1 of the quest chain.Forgot your password? This guide lists all the quests you can do in the Wailing Caverns dungeon: Horde quests, class quests, profession quests, quests you need to get before entering the dungeons, and quests you get inside the dungeons.

The idea is to help you do all the quests in a single run of the dungeon. For more information about the dungeon, please refer to our detailed Wailing Caverns dungeon guide. There are a number of quests available in Wailing Caverns, both before you enter the dungeon and once you are inside.

Why You Will Never Get A Legendary In Classic WoW

Below is a list of the quests available to players, along with their level requirement. Note that there are no Alliance-only quests in the dungeon. Both Alliance and Horde players will need to be at least Level 15 to complete every quest in this dungeon. In order to pick up this quest, players will need to complete a number of quests in The Barrens. In order to unlock this quest, you will need to complete Raptor Hornswhich is given by the same questgiver, Mebok Mizzyrix in Ratchet. There are multiple spawn points for this NPC and, unfortunately, he comes with a fairly long respawn timer.

He is located in the caves outside of the instance and hides in stealth, meaning he can be very difficult to find. We would recommend simply skipping this quest if you do not find him immediately, as the rewards are not hugely worth it. This quest starts with the Glowing Shardwhich drops from Mutanus the Devourer. Once you have used the item, you will head to Sputtervalvewho can be found next to the Flight Master in Ratchet.

He will send you to Falla Sagewindwho is located on top of the Wailing Caverns mountain. Once you have turned this in, you will get the next quest in the chain, In Nightmares or In Nightmares. Sign In Remember me Not recommended on shared computers.

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It has many subquests that culminate in a large instanced dungeon called "The Deadmines " where you must find and kill Edwin VanCleefthe leader of the Defias Brotherhood. The entrance to the Deadmines is located in Moonbrook, a broken town controlled by the Defias Brotherhood in the south-west region of Westfall, near The Dagger Hills.

Quests which take place outside Westfall are denoted by a. Quests which are part of a chain are denoted by. Click the downward arrow to the right of the icon to view the chain.

The following quest chains occur in Westfall. Chains have been included if they are more than three quests long or are specially significant in some way.

This long chain sends you to the Redridge Mountains and to Stormwind City. The final steps send you into the Deadmines instance. The reward is Thunderbrew's Boot Flaskpossibly your first trinket. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. The Jansen Stead. Farmer Furlbrow. The Dagger Hills.

wow classic quests

Master Mathias Shaw. Captain Sander's Treasure Map. Captain's Footlocker.You can also see a list of quests by faction. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. This article or section is a miscellaneous stub. You can help expand it by editing it. If appropriate, you can import some information from a database site - see Fansites for listings. Pages linking here may have clues as to what the page should contain, or the discussion page. Contents [ show ]. Categories :.

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The best World of Warcraft Classic addons

Marshal's Refuge.Category: Dungeon GuidesRaid Guides. World of Warcraft Classic has several dungeons and raids for you and a group of mighty adventurers to clear and defeat. Some dungeons only require you to reach a certain level to enter, but some of them require you to complete a quest or set of tasks to prove your worth.

This process is known as attunement. As of right now, there are 10 dungeons and 4 raid instances that have some sort of attunement attached to them. Not all attunements are required to access the dungeon, although most are. In addition to some attunements unlocking different things, there are also different styles of attunements.

Dungeon attunements are all single player attunements, meaning that only one player in your group is required to have completed the attunement to access it.

In contrast, raid attunements are different. All raid attunements require each individual player to complete attunement in order to access what it unlocks. This does mean that you may be required to finish attunement on your own before even entering most of the raids in this guide. Dungeon attunements only require a single player in the group to have them completed. Not all of them are required for entry, but they are a necessity to reach certain areas in the dungeon.

The attunement for Gnomeregan is also very easy.

WoW Classic Druid Leveling Guide 1-60

It unlocks the back entrance to Gnomeregan, which lets you skip a good portion of the dungeon. Obtaining the workshop key is as simple as killing Electrocutionerlocated towards the end of Gnomeregan. Scarlet Monastery is a special dungeon because of the way it is broken up into multiple wings. Much like Stratholme, all you need to do is loot the key to complete attunement. Kill her and pick up a Sacred Mallet. The attunement unlocks a portal transporting you straight to Earth Song Falls.

The quest requires you to loot an item from the corpse of Lord Vyletongue and Noxxionthe two end bosses for the Orange and Purple sides of Maraudon. After receiving both items, kill Celebras the Cursed near the large waterfall.

Upon his death, Celebras the Redeemed will spawn for you to hand in your quest. Quickly help Celebras with his ritual to receive the Scepter of Celebraswhich completes the attunement. This is because you need to talk to an NPC ghost, Franclorn Forgewrightwho is only visible when you are a ghost.

Loot the Ironfeland bring it to the Shrine of Thaurissan. This is located where Pyromancer Loregrain is. It is required for entry into Upper Blackrock Spire. To complete attunement, you must finish the quest: Seal of Ascension.

It is offered by Vaelanlocated within Lower Blackrock Spire. The quest requires you to loot gems that drop from bosses within Lower Blackrock Spire. After doing so, Emberstrife will create the ring for you.

Vaelan originally appears as a hostile mob but when approached turns into a friendly human form. You need to carry an Unadorned Seal of Ascension in your inventory to be able to receive or hand in any quests.

He can be found on an upper platform in the first area of LBRS after the entrance-hall.What are the best addons in WoW Classic? World of Warcraft Classic has been out for almost 15 years, and its user interface shows it. Going back to the vanilla UI shows how many improvements Blizzard Entertainment made over the years. Not every UI improvement from the modern game will work with vanilla, and some mods have been created specifically for Classic players.

Here are the best of the bunch. Then select where you want to save it. Mac users must double click on the file to extract all of it into a new folder named after the mod.

Then use 'Finder' to navigate to 'Applications'. Copy your new folder the one named after the mod into the 'AddOns' folder. Then the next time you start WoW from scratch your new addons will be active. This addon fully replaces your action bar with one that is completely customizable.

Using Bartender4you can change the positioning, size, and transparency of every action bar, which goes a long way in personalizing your own UI. One of my favorite features, though, is the ability to write macros that drive things like hiding action bars when I'm not mousing over them. Tired of managing your inventory across multiple bags? Bagnon is an inventory overhaul that makes sifting through your items so much easier.

Instead of having multiple bags to manage, Bagnon condenses everything into one big bag and can automatically sort and group items by type.

Colored borders tell you an item's quality at a glance, and a search function let's you quickly find what you need.

wow classic quests

Bagnon even tracks items across multiple characters, so you know what your alts have without having to log in. Modern WoW has a handy journal that logs loot drops from all of its raids and dungeons, but Classic has no such luxury—unless you start using AtlasLoot Classic.

This handy mod let's you quickly browse the loot tables for every dungeon and raid to see what bosses drop the gear you need. It's a mandatory mod if you're already at level 60 and farming best-in-slot gear. One of the biggest conveniences in modern Warcraft is the addition of quest markers and objectives to the mini and world map.

wow classic quests

Once you accept a quest, moving to the relevant area will see a highlight of where to go. One of the updates to Tooltips in modern WoW is an automatic item valuation the next time you find a vendor. VendorPrice attempts to help you decide what to sell or safely toss when you run out of bag space.

Damage Meter Classic is one of the most popular damage meters in the modern game, and this is the Classic port. It breaks down how much damage or healing you and other party members do by abilities, individual fights, for example. It doesn't boast as many features as the modern version, but this is the mod that will tell you if you really are better off wanding than, say, casting actual damage spells as a priest.

Gold is a precious resource in WoW Classic, but managing auction house listings can be a pain. Auctionator is a long-standing addon that makes the process a little easier by suggesting listing prices and automating the posting of items for other people to buy. Deadly Boss Mods is a must-have addon for the modern game. While there are fewer things to track in vanilla WoW, DBM still nudges you when things are coming and recommending a reaction.

It includes information and warnings for all Classic dungeons except Blackrock Depths, Blackrock Spire, Dire Maul, and Scholomance, which are still in progress. When you use a spell or ability in WoW Classic with a cooldown period, the default UI puts a timer 'sweep' on that ability button, showing you how long before you can use it again by how much of the button is dark.

Enter OmniCC Classicwhich adds numbered countdowns.

Elwynn Forest quests

Want to know how much gold or ranged weapon ammo you have left? How about the coordinates for your location, what your PC performance is, or how long you have to your next level?Forgot your password? Welcome to our Classic leveling guide for Druids. Here, you will learn how to efficiently level your Druid all the way to Level Druids are exceptionally fast levelers, only slightly falling behind Hunters in speed. However, Druids also require much more work and finesse to play at peak efficiency.

With multiple forms, healing spells, utility spells, and damaging spells, Druids have the largest toolkit out of any class, allowing you to adapt to any situation. Feral is the best Druid leveling spec, and allows Druids to use different animal forms, such as Cat Form and Bear Formto use Energy and Rage to deal heavy melee damage while letting their Mana regenerate, allowing them to make heavier use of natural Mana regeneration than any other Mana user.

This natural efficiency is what gives Druids their leveling speed, allowing them to heal quickly, pull new mobs, and keep regenerating Mana, with very little downtime required.

Druids have many potential specs, but Feral will be your fastest leveling spec if you plan to play solo. Feral allows you to regenerate Mana passively while efficiently killing enemies in Bear Form and Cat Form. Balance allows you to level as a caster, focusing on using your nature and arcane damage spells to kill enemies.

Balance is slower than Feral, but the gearing will allow you to easily heal dungeons while leveling, which can be better in a group. Druids can also level as Restoration, but it is by far the worst option, if you plan to level alone. In groups Restoration will do quite well, but you do not need the Restoration talents to heal; Balance will serve you better while allowing you to also quest and do damage when needed.

To guide you in your weapon upgrades and the class-specific quests you can do while leveling up, we have two guides that you might find useful. Contrary to popular belief, leveling in a group can be extremely efficient, even better than solo leveling in some cases. While Druids are one of the faster solo leveling classes, they also perform very well with a partner or with a group. Druids in duos typically will level faster than playing solo, as Druids are exceptional at supporting other DPS.

Druids also can level through dungeons, and are able to tank and heal dungeons quite well. As a Druid, your goal is to spend Mana in bursts before swapping into either Bear Form or Cat Form to finish enemies off.

While in a form, your Mana will continue to regenerate, allowing you to swap out once enemies are dead and use it to heal, buff, or cast Moonfire or Wrath to pull new enemies from range. For Levels 1 through 10, you will be mainly focused on using MoonfireWrathand melee attacks. Keep in mind the 5 second rule, where your Mana only starts regenerating after not casting for 5 seconds. This means you should always try to front load your spells and finish enemies off with melee attacks.

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