Uk wow streamers

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Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page:. EU streamers? I'm not really into this whole streamer culture that seems to have developed over the past years. Having watched some streams from that guy Asmongold and some others I do know that I don't want to play on a server with a streamer though.

Now I think most streamers are American, so I won't have to worry about the majority of them. My question is, are there EU streamers and do they plan on announcing which realm they will be playing on?

I really have no overview of the situation so if anyone could enlighten me that would be great! I also really don't intend this to become another streamer-haters vs streamer-lovers debate, there's enough topics on that! Reply With Quote. On the top of my mind I can't think of anyone noteworthy. There are a few pserver eu players that might stream but I wouldn't advice playing on those servers either for the regular first time player or someone not very used to Classic wow.

Not because they stream but because those servers will be stacked from the beggining and as much as I hate to admit it people not used to the environment won't enjoy the game as much as they would otherwise. I've forgot their names, but they were in the dueling tournaments.

Shaman and a Mage are from EU and stream, venruki and something.

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Along with Sco, they are the biggest EU streamers? I may be totally wrong, I don't follow WoW streams that much.Online Streams. Cdew World of Warcraft. Payo World of Warcraft. Sco World of Warcraft. Venruki World of Warcraft. Nnoggie World of Warcraft. Pandatv World of Warcraft. Method World of Warcraft. Djarii Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Ouro World of Warcraft.

Darrie twitch. Hotted twitch. Method2 twitch. Rogerbrown twitch. Scripe twitch. Justwait twitch. Revvez twitch. Perfecto twitch. Ziqo twitch. Swapxy twitch. Cayna twitch.

uk wow streamers

Yliajo twitch. Lorgok twitch. Samiyam twitch. Mes twitch. Deepshades twitch. Trill twitch. Voci twitch. Xerwo twitch. Philwestside twitch.First staysafe, now sonyd. Probably very few of the high-profile Classic streamers actually got R14 in Vanilla or private servers.

Pretty interesting. The amount of damage in a BiS classic world is staggering, and not the classic experience everybody wanted.

Consider also that they are effectively a business. A single player can get away with not contributing much in those. You should learn to properly stay on topic for mine then if you want others to. Stay on subject here not fanboy.

Key is grinding 7 min av games not good to watch. Streamers want interesting content when streaming. They would grind off stream but that isnt enough. Honor system is trash. I was top 20 ranking up to rank 7 in vanilla then decide i cant do 12 hrs a day anymore. All you who can are sadists. From the sounds of it making it excessively long to grind is more a chore rather than some kind of mythic status that other players would recognise or praise.

Must have had a much higher attention span… lol. Trying to do it was probably costing these streamers thousands of dollars a week in lost revenue. The streamers are just doing what is effectively their job. That behaviour boggles my mind. WoW Classic General Discussion. Craphuntard-herod 5 January 1. Deistic-undermine Deistic 5 January 2. Reknew-shattered-hand 5 January 3.

Nightime-bigglesworth 5 January 4. Sephrinx-blaumeux 5 January 5. Imagine that. Tubbly-terenas Tubbly 5 January 6. Haunter-whitemane 5 January 7. Aerozine-kirtonos 5 January 8. Haunter-whitemane 5 January Reknew-shattered-hand 5 January Arlifrex-moon-guard Arlifrex 5 January People have an irrational hatred of streamers. Stango-benediction 5 January Note: This is purely a selection of some of our favourites and is not supposed to be a definitive, ordered list. Foxdrop is a Diamond 1 jungler who produces a lot of informative videos to help League of Legends players improve.

His streams and YouTube videos are super helpful, especially to lower and mid-tier elo players looking to git gud. After his address was leaked, viewers have sent him countless deliveries, including takeaways, the police and even a prostitute. KaSing is a very friendly guy with a good sense of humour, and takes the time to answer questions from viewers.

With a background in games such as Team Fortess 2 and League of Legends, Seb is an experienced competitive gamer who now plays Overwatch for Creation Esports.

Snitch is a year-old professional Heroes of the Storm player for Team Dignitas. Truly next level strats. He plays a broad mix of titles, including Overwatch, Call of Duty, racing games and more, and also does some random stuff such as Photoshop tutorials too.

Check out part 2 of our top UK streamers here. Dom is an award-winning writer who graduated from Bournemouth University with a degree in Multi-Media Journalism in We also ran this streamer spotlight profile interview piece with Valkia […]. Dive straight into the feedback! Login below and you can start commenting using your own user instantly.

Related posts:. Dom Sacco. Most reacted comment. Hottest comment thread. Recent comment authors. Notify of.Asmongold is undoubtedly one of the top World of Warcraft streamers on Twitch.

uk wow streamers

So I want to continue that. Asmongold is one of the latest in a line of streamers to suddenly make it big. Asmongold has been making video content for the internet for years.

It was just something that I did. InAsmongold decided to make the jump to streaming. Most content creators struggle with the transition from edited videos to livestreaming. He feels that his own switch was more natural than it is for others. I can kind of predict what people are gonna ask to do. Asmongold loves planning out these experiences for his viewers, even in the smallest of ways.

I think one secret of being good at anything is being able to act on the fly. Rising streamers often wonder whether game choice or streamer personality plays a bigger role in attracting viewers. Is Asmongold bringing in lots of viewer numbers due to his choice to play World of Warcraft, or is it his personality doing the heavy lifting?

Why are people so attached to something like vanilla WoW? I looked at those different types of draws, those different types of enthusiasm, and tried to distill from that what I could use for myself. The trick of any successful streamer is to hide the work they put in behind the scenes. Network N earns commission from qualifying purchases via Amazon Associates and other programs.

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uk wow streamers

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Simply put, if you're looking for the "authentic Vanilla experience", it's best to avoid streamer realms. What do you think? I second this to be very honest,I enjoy Yes it's a PvP realm,yes I played on those,yes I nearly used to bite my keyboard when I got ganked but it was all in good spirit so to speak,that's the thing about the mmo,you take the good with the bad,but let's be honest,classic will not hold the same weight as it once did.

My two cents at least. Sometimes I wonder why people even join and follow the Streamers.

uk wow streamers

Especially on Asmongolds Streams. It is just nonsense. Makes sense to avoid these large groups, as they could potentially ruin experience for those playing classic. Especially if they decide to occupy a popular spots. However, this problem might disappear after several weeks or few months. I personally am just gonna pick a server and have fun i do plan on playing on a PvE and a RP server so now it's just a matter of reserving my name tomorrow and selecting which faction.

Gotta be honest, I don't get streamers and their popularity. I've watched a few and they just sound so fake and annoying most of the time. Always hyping over the smallest things. I get it's kinda like watching football the actual football, not handegg on tv, or any other sport for that matter, only that has less annoying commentators Alan Shearer on MotD aside That said, I'm not sure how long classic and their streamers will stay in the limelight and on launch they may have some possitive effects to highlight the game and keep it going.

Interesting perspective, however, given there are not a lot of servers slated for launch there is little likelyhood of landing one without a streamer. I'd suggest just play where you like and try to avoid them, or wait til the hype is over and then log in. It's exactly like when Blizzard used to pay Ozzy Ozbourne, chuck norris and many more to play on an ad just to have a big name to represent their company, but now it's free and streamer make money from the content the company deliver, it's a win win.

While that's true you could at least avoid the biggest ones with the most obnoxious followings like asmon. Scarab Lord is a long journey with challenging world encounters and raid progression. Don't believe too many streamers will be in the race for that, unless they are in a really good raiding guild with good relations to other raiding guilds on their server.

It's going to be hard to avoid streamers by 27 Aug, because we have to reserve 3 character names on 12 August, starting at 6 PM eastern time 3 PM pacific timeand none of this information is yet available.

Furthermore, since there are only two NA servers for Normal game-play this could turn into a nightmare, especially if half of them are planning on using one normal NA server, and the others on the second normal NA server. I've already seen threads discussing the number of servers Blizzard is making available, and the general consensus was that two normal NA servers are not going to be enough neither are the others, but I'm just looking at the impact on my playing.

Unless they have the layering perfected where they can add an infinite number of servers on the fly, are the streamers going to stand in line in a queue with us regular players?

I remember 4-digit queue numbers and 1 hour 45 minute wait times back injust to get on your server. A given realm can have any number of servers supporting it.

How to Troll a WoW Streamer - Highlights 32

So the limited number of realms at Classic launch will probably not pose the sort of problem some are expecting. There could very well be a variety of launch problems, but the realm number should not be directly involved in such.

I will be watching that site closely. I just want to avoid the realm that Asmongold and his cult following are playing on. I cannot stand his attitude and his ridiculously obvious fake expressions and overreactions. I hate to be that guy, but with how few servers there are it is extremely improbable that any realm will have no relevant streamers on it.Online Streams.

Cdew World of Warcraft. Steelmage Path of Exile. Zizaran Path of Exile. Mes World of Warcraft. Musclebrah World of Warcraft. Method World of Warcraft. Ouro World of Warcraft. Darrie twitch. Hotted twitch. Method2 twitch. Sco twitch. Rogerbrown twitch. Scripe twitch. Justwait twitch. Narcolies twitch. Nnoggie twitch. Revvez twitch. Perfecto twitch. Djarii twitch. Venruki twitch. Pandatv twitch. Ziqo twitch.

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