The lion guard season 4 fanfiction

Authors note: Last we left Kion he was free falling down into a pit of lava. Let us just say Kion is going to go through a lot in this one chapter alone so brace yourselves. You can do this Kion, focus, listen to your heart…feel it rising and falling and summon the roar of the elders.

It is just like that time you saved Zazu…except you weren't the one falling into a pit of lava while a jeering crowd let by said family Mheetu waited for you to burn.

Steady Kion…remember negative emotions invoke evil and Scar is gone…no need for him to come back or some other nasty. Kion let out a roar as he was descending towards the lava, a feat that required a lot of concentration not made easier by Makucha heckling him from up above. The roar however works and a small platform forms in the lava and he lands safely on it. However it will do you little good when that lava swallows you whole as it did Cheezi.

I mean seriously did you think I was the only one with the roar? However they will be of little consequence once I reign on all you hold dear. I gave you a chance Kion…and…while that chance has come and gone I can pull you out of there so that you may die fighting…over dying waiting. Kion would rather take his chances with the rising lava.

Even now his platform was barely holding his weight and some of the lava was trickling towards him gurgling and burping as it seethed and hissed at him. There will be no proof of his death and it isn't like we will be waiting around here for the others to show.

There will no be acting lest I say otherwise, got it? I am willing to pull you up and let you fight…surely that is a better end to be met as a King over one who waits for a slow death, not fitting of a King I assure you. Scar was a monster, and even if he was family to me…it didn't make it right what he did to my grandfather! You can shut me out all you want but I am still a product of Nala's mother and of Scar…so…try and sleep at night knowing this, and perhaps if you survive this ask your mother and see if I am lying, chances are she was told at one point.

I will make my way to the Pride Lands soon rice distributors in malaysia and there will be no denying me then. Think Kion…there has to be a way out of this…you can't die now, you can't let Mheetu get away with this.

Wait…perhaps if I can somehow reach out to the elders, no, it hasn't been done before…but what choice do I have? Kion thought all this before he reached down deep inside himself…seeking out the power that he had been using, one that he had been granted.

I was granted the power of the roar but I am in quite a jam. I am running out of time here and I could really use your guidance.Story Story Writer Forum Community. Pairing Plus Filters. Cancel Apply 4. The Lion King: Bleeding Paws by TheLegendaryBlackDragonKnight Retribution is the name for this hyena who is rescued from living a life in the gorge, and taken to her clan to become what his father and mother wanted him to become.

As soon as memories of what led Jeyluxhal into being who he is today returns to his mind, he's out for blood and to give some hell to what the pride in the Outlands had done that night. The C. Unfortunately, tragedy strikes leaving him the sole survivor. Now he must brave this dark untamed world on his own. Fate has a funny way of bringing light to tragedy. Rated T for some language, violence and mild innuendo. The hyenas come, and tell Timon and Pumbaa that the cub was responsible for the murder of his dad.

Will they believe them, and kick him out as well? Epilogue is when he's an adult, married to Nala, and takes place after Kiara's birth, before she enters cubhood. Will it be enough to save them all? AU, please review. But when two members of the royal family are kidnapped, will Simba and Zarifa need help from two unlikely guides? Kingdom Of Hearts by Guardiansaint reviews Queen Kiara's oldest cub and heir must make important decisions that is thrust upon her early in life.

To keep from going to war with a neighboring pride, the princess must marry the River pride's future king. Can the daughter of Kiara and Kovu find happiness in a future already planned or will she be able to find her own path?

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Egrets are birds that appear in The Lion King franchise. To see what next month's featured animal will be, check out Animals of the Month. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Categories :. Egrets Egrets are birds that appear in The Lion King franchise.As the sun came out from the mountains, all the plants and animals rised from their slumber. Tha animals stretched their paws and body to force themselves waking up as the sun engulfed the area with a bright light significant a new day for the tree of life.


What a night! Binga's eyes fluttered gently as the light penetrated into her eyeballs slowly. Binga started to open her violet eyes which reflected by the colour of a flower causing his heart to race. Bunga could feel that his heart was pounding and he could feel that his lust was starting to conquer his mind by looking at her beauty. He couldn't help it though. Not just her beauty, in fact her inside and outside was a gem to him.

She and him were partners and competitors ever since they met. For the first time, he could feel that he had a same friend like him which made him love her even more. Until now, he still hasn't confess his love to her.

It was true that they had kissed once, by accident actually and snuggling to each other but they never really confessed or do something romantic. For now, Bunga was already satisfied with this kind of friendship or relationship cause, he really cherished Binga and he was really afraid that Binga did not feel the same way, and slowly they could not become friend anymore.

However, he could not say the same thing to his hormones. Want to have a running competition? I dare you! Binga's eyes twinkled with excitement and smirked at him thinking that she would win anyway. And just like that, they were gone. The only thing remained was a few puft of smokes which caused Simba to take a cough. Nala was awaken by her mate's cough concerning her by listening his cough. Simba just nodded in response.

I just inhaled some smokes Nala just shook with a smile. We were going to have a long journey waiting for us. We should go early.

the lion guard season 4 fanfiction

Nala nodded and started to wake her family and the animals up. As soon as all the animals were up, they started to make their way to the tree to say goodbye. As the light slowly entering the depth of the tree, Rani could feel a slight of heat rushed into her body hinting him it was morning already.

She rubbed her eyes to take a better look around, and she could see a lion sleeping soundly beside her, her Kion. He was snoring a bit as he breathed the air in and out making his body moved up and down. Watching his movement was so amusing, a grin was formed across her face.Authors note: After many one shots thrown in I have decided to undertake a season 4 of the lion guard.

There is much to decide on but rest assured I will do my best to tackle things and preserve this series in written form. I realize others have already thrown down the gauntlet looking to put their own spin on it and I have answered as so many have looking to make things happen. While the lion king has stolen many lion guard characters it is my hope, you the readers will submit the lion guard cast to the people who run this site so we aren't left short supplied. For now just imagine a full cast and as to when this takes place a short time after the events of the finale.

Kion stood with his Queen as he overlooked many of those gathered. While his family had to return to Pride Rock he did not hold it against them. It was nice having everyone together but his time as a Prince had ceased the moment he accepted Rani's paw in becoming her King.

The Tree of Life stood on a precipice of change and a new dawn had arrived. Kion saw many of his friends gathered who had joined him on such a venture. Ono, brave and true who now was the smartest in their group; then again never a doubt in his mind, plus Ono appeared to not mind.

Anga had now taken over for Ono up in the sky. Fuli still served as second and sat with expectant eyes up on him.

the lion guard season 4 fanfiction

Bunga and Beshte encouraged him with sincere nods. They had all been through so much and together they now were here at the next part of their lives. Um…I'm not really sure how to go about doing this. Well since I have become your King…there has been adjusting…". Kion shot him an exasperated look and Binga chipped in. It will take a bit of adjustment though as it has been the Night Pride as you see, but, now with Kion and his team blending into our own it will prove quite the challenge.

Kion was relieved he was not up here alone and Rani nods her head allowing him to continue. I wish to of course to appoint a special position as of now to someone who has leant great support to Kion over the years.

Someone who up till recently bore a great weight for one so light. Ono, please step forward. Ono stepped forward and Kion smiled down at his friend. Ono may not be keenest of sight but now as smartest he held certain insight none of them could possibly hold. He and Rani had discussed certain things and it was clear in this new age they needed someone they could trust and rely on.

Rani for her part remained where she was.The season opens with the Lion Guard 's final battle against Scartaking them out of the Pride Lands. It will also deal with Kion's struggle as his deepest fear begins to come true which is turning evil like his great-uncle Scar did. On March 15th,it was announced that The Lion Guard will be renewed for a third season. On January 9tha video surfaced showing a new lioness named Rani who would be appearing in Season 3.

Ford Riley has confirmed that season 3 would have a double-length opener special plus 18 episodes. On September 4tha news article revealed the names of several new characters FikiriKitendoYuki and Chuluun and a voice actor for Askari. On 11th MarchMercury Filmworks announced that animation on the show had been finished. One of the photographs revealed that DogoKijana and their younger siblings would be returning. On 25th MarchKendall Michele Haney revealed that The Fall of Mizimu Grove would kick off an "epic serialized story" which will last through to the end of Season 3.

On 13th AprilGary Anthony Williams announced that he was once again recording his lines as Mufasaconfirming the former King's return. As seen on a screenshot taken from Episode 17 behind him, this also confirmed that Kion will be slightly aging up in the whole series.

The Lion Guard (Season 4)

On 1st MayFord Riley replied to a comment and informed people that Season 3 would hopefully be airing in August On 16th July the first episode, Battle for the Pride Lands was found on a few tv listings.

On 18th Julythe first screenshot appeared, showing an aged Lion Guard joined by Makini and Anga. Notably, Kion also sports a scar across his left eye. On 19th JulyIt was confirmed the third season would be the final season, with the production wrapping up.

On July 26th,the first teaser trailer for the new season appeared. A full trailer for the season was released a few days later on July 31st. Starting from 25th November up until 6th December the first 10 episodes plus the opening special were aired in whole Europe. The lasting nine episodes are yet to be broadcasted sometime next year, inmaybe in the springtime. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Lion Guard Season 3 Trailer. Categories :.

the lion guard season 4 fanfiction

After Kion and Ono are injured in an attempt to defeat Scar in the battle for the Pride Landsthe Lion Guard must embark on a journey to the Tree of Life to help them regain their strength. When Makini chases some mysterious blue lights, she and Ono get trapped in a cave.

When the Lion Guard ventures onto a peninsula to find the next moja kwa moja stonethey're attacked by Komodo dragons. The Guard's ability to find the Tree of Life disappears when Makini's staff is stolen by a scheming binturong.

Ever closer to the Tree of Life, Kion's scar bothers him more than ever, causing Bunga to think that the venom in Kion's body is turning him evil. The Lion Guard is thrilled to be at the end of its journey to the Tree of Life; the celebration is cut short when the Night Pride mistakes the Guard for a threat and attacks.

the lion guard season 4 fanfiction

While Kion heals at the Tree of Life, villains attack; Kion is eager to defend the Tree but must learn to focus and find patience in order to heal fully. Mama Binturong pretends to be an animal in need and enters the Tree of Life to gather information for the villains. While touring the Tree of Life, looking to make new friends, Beshte accidentally frightens the community. When Rani worries she isn't ready to become queen, Makini reveals the special gift Queen Janna left for her.

When Kion's confidence as a leader is lacking, the Lake of Reflection flashes back to a young Lion Guard, helping Kion remember his past and embrace his role as a leader. When a new army of predators seizes control of the Tree of Lifeit's up to Kion to channel his Roar to drive out the bad guys.

The Lion Guard (Season 4)

After learning that the Pride Lands are threatened, Kion uses the Roar to help the Lion Guard return home as soon as possible.King Kion and Queen Rani roar continously to their heart's content and they stop the roar gradually.

As the roar fades away, so as the image of grandfather Mufasa, grandmother Jajana, and Askari. Before they fade away, a smile plastered on their face and they are gone knowing that queen Rani and king Kion will rule the tree of life just fine and probably even better than them. Simba walks towards his proud son to congratulate him. He still cannot believe that his kid who once a troublesome but brave one end up as a king. He is really proud of his son, his Kion.

Kion wrinkles his head thinking that he probably will never get used to this. I'm still your son, you know? King or not king. Kion smiles warmly at his lovely mother as his heart flutters a bit. Kion looks at his favourite sister and Kove with a smirk. I cannnn't wait Kiara is stunned a bit and looks at her family. She blushes furiously until she can't even take a look at Kovu.

Simba and Nala smile at each other. They have the feeling that Kiara is eager to wed and mate with Kove and so as Kovu. Their strong bond has helped them to take a different angle to see Kovu's family.

It makes them understand that not every lion likes Scar. Kovu just nod with excitement amd nuzzle Kiara. Kiara feels more comfortable a bit and yet she can see that Kion is ready to make another 'attack'.

She is pretty handy and strong She doesn't even look like a lady. I know how to handle your sister. Why don't you handle your first?

He glares at his sister for telling Kovu his secret and yet Kiara just acting like nothing. Kion takes a few steps from the animals with a slight awkward chuckled. I don't know what he is talking about It looks like the Tree of Life is going to have a royal wedding.! Kion pretends not to hear anything and blush a bit. His action makes Simba and the others perk their eyebrows as they never seen Kion acting like this. It looks like Kion does like that Rani girl We as lion guard will always help guard the tree of life.

I like to chat more but I need to talk to Rani. See ya later! I guess there will be a wedding after all. Bring memories isn't it Simba just blushes a bit and rolls his eyes.

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