Request for hotel corporate rate email sample

A hotel reservation letter helps to avoid any confusion and eliminates any misunderstandings or disappointments with your accommodation upon your arrival. This will also help hotel staff know when you will be arriving, so waiting time for your room is kept to a minimum. Make sure the hotel you are considering has the services you are looking for, as not all hotels offer for example, all-inclusive. What you get for each type of service may vary from one hotel or country to another depending on their policies.

Letter Tips : Keep it in point form, dealing with each point specifically and keep each point brief and to the point. Dear Hotel Manager. I would like to reserve accommodation for room type in your hotel for number nights for number guests. Departure date will be on date, including the day of the week at time.

Number of adults? Number of children ages? List any special requirements or needs. Booking of special facilities i. Hope you enjoy your stay and feel free to share this sample hotel reservation letter with your friends. Search this site. ABOUT hotelbookings-online.Sample letter for hotel rate enquiry This is Ms.

Do revert back with all the charges at the earliest so that we can go ahead with the booking formalities. Looking forward to a happy and safe stay. My nephew, Mr. XYZ is planning to visit Goa with his family for holidays in May. I got a good review about your Hotel come Resort from one of my friends. Since it would be the peak time, I would prefer to get him some hotel booked soon, just to avoid any sort of inconvenience for him.

I checked your Hotel website, and understood the resort to be built in a bit remote location, out of the busy city life. Also the distance from the various beeches and the tourist spots is ideal for travelling.

As the couple look forward to a relaxing vacation with children, I find this place to be a good option. I could also find the sports zone and swimming pool within the resort. I am unable to check the room availability beyond 1 month. I also want to know the rates for the different type of accommodation and the facilities available in each of them. I understand a family suite with the double room and attached bath would be an appropriate choice.

Also the couple will look for the Wi-Fi facility. Undoubtedly a good room service would be the requirement on highest priority. Visiting there for the first time, if you can help them with some travel guide or any transport on rent as per their requirement, that would be highly appreciable. I could find some packages including breakfast, lunch or dinner. A few also included pass for some casinos and spa. Kindly update me with any such package availability during the period of stay.

Having a look at the rates and the facilities will help me choose the most suitable deal. Kindly help me with the details at the earliest, so that I can have my hand for the bookings during the availability period.

Thanking you. Related Content Sample letter to hotel management for poor services Sample letter for hotel rate enquiry Sample letter to a health club cancel membership Sample letter about offers to customers on health club membe Sample letter to a hotel for booking cancellation Sample letter to a hotel for booking at corporate rates.Email marketing an exceptional way for you to communicate directly with and market directly to potential and existing guests.

Would you like to have insights delivered to your inbox? Sign up to receive our newsletter now! This email thanks your guest for choosing to stay with you, confirms their booking information, and gets them excited for their stay.

It helps reduce the risk of them canceling, and makes them feel valued before they even walk through the door. This campaign gives guests all the information relevant to their upcoming stay. Possible details to include are your hotel amenitiesa guide to the area, a local weather forecastand a calendar of timely events.

You want to highlight things that can make their arrival more comfortable or provide them with entertainment during their stay.

Maybe a guest is looking for stress-free airport transfer and would be pleased to know you offer this service.

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You can use targeted messages in your email marketing here, to encourage guests to sign up for future offers based on their preferences and to solicit feedback on a particular amenity you know they used.

You may also want to e ncourage your guests to leave a review or comment online — just be sure not to ask too much in one email.

Corporate Rate Application Letter Sample For Hotels

Decide what is most important and go from there. Showing your guests that you care about their experience with you is how you build a relationship with them. This campaign should only be sent to those guests who have subscribed to your emails, and should be highly personalized to your customer base.

Maybe you want to send a limited offer for reduced rates to encourage direct bookings. Or you can target everyone who lives within a three-hour radius with a special weekend getaway offer. These emails foster loyalty from your guests and encourage return bookings. Depending on your CRM system and email marketing toolthere are countless campaign opportunities you can try out for your hotel.

But whatever direction you ultimately take your email marketing in, you can use these four campaigns as a strong starting point. Start now. Did you know?

Hotel Sales Sample - Company Volume Guaranteed Rate Letter / CVGR letter

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request for hotel corporate rate email sample

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4 Best Hotel Emails That Every Hotelier Should Be Sending

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request for hotel corporate rate email sample

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Partners Kebaya Solo.Are you worried about negotiating hotel room rates and amenities for wedding guests? The reality, however, is very different. Effective negotiators take the attitude that you have to work together with the other side in order to get to a solution that works for both parties. In fact, people who are anxious going into a negotiation often compound their mistakes by responding too fast, exiting situations too early and accepting inferior offers.

You just have to go in prepared. There are three parts to any negotiation with a hotel. Read them over and you will find yourself feeling more prepared and confident about discussing group rates and amenities with any hotel. Know what you want The worst thing you can do is walk into a hotel without knowing what you want out of the negotiation.

Take a look at the list below and decide on which of these amenities is most important to you. Knowing what you want before walking in to negotiate will prove to be quite advantageous. Be ready to ask Often, the problem with negotiating with hotels is that most people are scared to ask for a discount. Most people have a tough time overcoming the fear of the negotiating process and much prefer to avoid it altogether.

request for hotel corporate rate email sample

They would rather give up and pay more just to avoid getting into an awkward situation of having to actually ask for a discount. But the fact is that negotiating does not have to be awkward. You just have to be willing to ask and see where it leads. Know the decision maker Get to know who the decision maker is. Often you will find yourself wasting valuable time talking to someone who does not have the authority to concede anything. Ask your salesperson politely if they are authorized to make the final decision.

If they are not, then ask to speak to that person instead. Hotel salespeople are trained to offer you what is in their best interest. You have to be aware of that and be willing to ask for options that are more to your liking. Instead of quietly thinking that you will get to it later, let the salesperson know that this issue will be sticking point right up front.I want to ask for a corporate rate in this hotel.

Letters remain hugely important in our everyday lives. People still feel the need to hv something confirmed in writing. Below are some top tips for getting u letter right. If u surf on the following links thoroughly and consciously u will not only find a good store of letters but u will learn also how to write good letter. Ur specific requirement can also be met. You can just state from which company are you from and how many nights you are expecting to spend per month or year in the hotel.

To get a corporate rate hotels normally want at least nghts per year and visits of more than 5 different pax. Believe me or not I work in a hotel and that's how we procede!!! Noura C. Answer Save. Before u begin writing a letter ask yourself. Why I am writing this letter or what has led up to it?

What do I hope to get out of it my maximum aims? What do u expect to get out of it my realistic aims? What is the best way to achieve this? What information do I need to provide? I hopeit helps u. Nancy Lv 4. You can just sweet-talk the people when you get there.

Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.Greetings from setupmyhotel. Being a Eco friendly hotel, [Your Hotel Name] is an environmentally conscious hotel that has heralded a new standard of environmental responsibility in the hospitality industry. The hotel has cool, open spaces that are perfectly complemented by its warm and intimate hospitality. It comprises of tastefully decorated rooms and suites10 banquet halls, which can accommodate anywhere from to people, a 24 hours Coffee Shop and an unusual and stylish Lobby Bar.

The hotel also houses a swimming pool, gym and health spa located on the Ground level. An exclusive Club Lounge and privilege check in is made available at the club floor with 20 clubrooms and 5 suites that spell understated, timeless luxury. Room Category. Published Tariff. Corporate Rate. Deluxe King Room — Single. The facilities offered in the Deluxe Room are as follows :. The facilities offered in the Premier room are as follows :.

The above special rates are subject to change with prior notice of one month. Reservations and billing guidelines [ Mention your Policy here ]. This letter supersedes any previous rate letter that may have been issued for the same period. For reservations please contact the hotel reservations department on telephone or mail to This email address is being protected from spambots.

You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Further details please visit our website www. Stamp of the Company. Since Setupmyhotel.

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