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Three 3 full-wave rectifiers and 6L6-type tubes no designation on the one tube as shown - just guessing it's a 6L6 typeand Four 4 dual-section can caps: And Re: Radio Amplifier? I wonder if that amp is a amp out of a jukebox or a external amp used for a movie theater. You might need a preamp or some kind of volume control. My seebug has a separate chassis for different parts of it. I think it and my other jukebox has a seperate volume control on the outside of the amp.

But the amps I remember in jukeboxes I remember seeing are stamped with the name. I almost wonder if it is a homemade item. That many 5u4 tubes seem odd. The 6l6 is not too off as they are amp tubes. Interesting piece. It appears to be stereo, witness the dual output channels.

One of the 5U4's should be a pre-amp or phase inverter tube of some kind. If you look at the bottom of the chassis, that seems logical. Agree that there was another chassis of some sort with the volume control on it. Note the power plug on the back of the chassis and the input layout. Doesn't look homebrew to me. The fuse holder is kinda cheesy, added on, but other than that not bad. Lots of big iron in there. The small transformer, in front, identified as an output transformer is probably some kind of interstage coupling transformer, IMHO.

Regards WC. Wildcat Member Number of posts : Registration date : Indeed - no volume control. I forgot a picture showing the metal top - you can barely see it in the first picture on the left side of the frame next to the signal generator - the top looks similar to those Dynaco amps. The chassis and the top have been painted gray, and it looks like there was a small metal billet that was taken off the front.

The guy who sold me these things just wanted them out of his store and I obliged for 10 bucks - he was convinced the generator and this amp thing go together, but I'm not so sure If I could figure out the one unmarked tube, I may be able to do a search by tube lineup.

Thanks again! Looks more like the 6L6's are running push-pull parallel. The transformer next to the filter caps is an input transformer since it has leads connecting to pin 5 control grid of each pair of 6L6's. The SG appears to be for FM and not much good for consumer sets.

Id expect the amp has dual PP 6L6's based upon the dual outputs and likely running as line level amps.

radio amplifier

A couple of those wirewound resistors look like toast and the construction looks typical 50's with a repair or two along the way. The dual V electrolytic below the chassis sure says bias supply IMO. Plenty of parts from both units if youre into home brew and the power transformer has to be worth something as its sure hefty enough even for a ham transmitter of W and more.Audio amplifiers are a must-have item for any home theater system, audio system, entertainment center, or surround-sound system.

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Includes tube data and amplifier projects. See pictures, schematics, test data, links, and more!

radio amplifier

Tube Amplifier data and tech info Source of common model manuals and amateur help on amplifier problems for the amateur bands, Discussion of vacuum tube amplifiers. Technical information and discussion of obselete tube replacement. The mods were obtained from Ameritron, so they are official. AG6K Richard L. From vacuum tubes to various components, discussion on stability and arcin causes.

Amplifier Links Watt RF Power Amplifier for 2 GHz - Modification to an old cellular phone base station modules, with a fairly reduced output power 10 watts or sothe stock power amplifier modules will cover the 2. These pages includes extesnive documentation on smith carts. Operates for 40, 20, 17, 15, 12, and 10m [ Hits: Votes: 25 Rating: 6. Basics and guidelines.

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Another very important thing to consider is the inputs and connections, you want to make sure that the amp is not only compatible with your devices but that it also has enough inputs for everything that youll be plugging in. There are several different types of connection, from AUX to RCA and you may need different ones at different times of use.

To put it simply, the more distortion it has, the more it will affect the sound quality, so lower numbers are better. This affects the level of background noises and how much effect they have on how much background noise you can hear while the music is playing.

If youre investing in a quality pre amp or amplifier, youll want to make sure youre sticking with a brand that can be trusted as well as making sure the device has all the features that youre looking for.

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Stereo Receivers and Amplifiers

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radio amplifier

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We do not sell email addresses or other private information. Privacy Policy.The amplifiers use large GS31 or GS35 ceramic triode tubes.

Stereo Amplifiers

Band coverage 6m, 2m and 70 cms [ Hits: Votes: 2 Rating: 4 ] Dishtronix - High power, solid state RF amplifiers and accessories, amateur radio power meters and Prometheus RF power amplifier manufacturer [ Hits: Votes: 1 Rating: 10 ] Empower RF Systems - We offer a large selection of standard and custom High Power RF and Microwave amplifiers for broadband, general communication, matched band, and personal communication markets.

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Search only in "Power Amplifiers Manufacturers". Add a new link. The DXZone is the largest human created and maintained library of web sites dedicated to Amateur Radio, currently lists Add our Daily Top 10 links gadgets to your site.Look at the channels, power and connectivity.

Think of stereo channels as the number of speakers you plan to operate. A four-channel system drives four speakers. A higher stereo power listed as watts delivers more volume. Connectivity is the ability to connect with other devices. The number 5. Generally, home theater systems use 5. Narrow your choices based on your budget. Then choose a receiver that delivers sound to the number of speakers you plan to use. A two-channel receiver can drive stereo speakers to add volume and clarity.

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How to build a 6F6 Boutique tube Guitar amp Beginning to end Part 2 Changes made Unique design

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