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And that starts with the onboarding process. And if you need to do age verification checks for purchases of restricted goods, Onfido document verification takes care of that too. But in blocking potentially fraudulent purchases, you also stop some legitimate ones.

Onfido's identity verification solutions let you verify legitimate users caught in the crossfire, and unlock more revenue. Whether you want to perform this check for all users at checkout—or at key moments for just a few—Onfido will help you keep legitimate users on track with their purchase, whilst still minimising the risk of chargebacks.

No matter what you sell online, protecting your genuine users from fraud is key—especially when it comes to account takeover. But customers save a breadth of information on their account, including sensitive payment details. So they need the assurance that no one can take over their account and make fraudulent purchases.

Balance these concerns by adding a facial biometric step to your identity verification process. The user takes a selfie or short video. Our technology then assesses their facial biometrics and analyzes if they match the person in the ID. Optimize user onboarding. Benefits of biometrics. Build trust on your platform by preventing account takeovers No matter what you sell online, protecting your genuine users from fraud is key—especially when it comes to account takeover.

Explore our solutions. If you identify with us, let's chat Get in touch.The firm's software validates a person's identity by taking their selfie and applying a mix of machine learning and human fraud experts to match their face with a government-issued ID. Its latest round of funding, announced Wednesday, was led by Salesforce's venture capital arm and Japanese financial group SBIwith additional backing from Microsoft's venture unit and others.

Onfido's AI is used to analyze people's faces to make sure they are who they say they are and reduce fraud. Its customers include crowdfunding site Indiegogo and remittances app Remitly.

Though headquartered in London, Kassai said Onfido actually gets most of its business now from the U. Founded in by three Oxford University graduates, the company has been in expansion mode, increasing activity across the U. Frank van Veenendaal, former vice chairman of Salesforce, will join the start-up's board following the deal.

Kassai, who is originally from Iran, says he came up with the idea for the business based on his own personal frustrations with how long it took for his parents to apply for bank accounts and other services when they moved to the U. He says he felt credit agencies "exclude half the world's population" because so many people lack traditional access to financial services. According to the World Bank, 1. Going forward, Onfido's boss said he sees people being able to use their selfies to check themselves into a hotel, order prescription drugs for home delivery and even voting.

Some of its competitors include U. Onfido says it's different because it openly invites companies to trial its product and it's "good at doing machine learning properly. Sign up for free newsletters and get more CNBC delivered to your inbox. Get this delivered to your inbox, and more info about our products and services. All Rights Reserved. Data also provided by.

Skip Navigation. Markets Pre-Markets U. Key Points. Onfido's latest round of funding was led by Salesforce's venture capital arm and Japanese financial group SBI. The start-up will use the money to invest in its technology and strengthen its presence in the U.Dianne started out as a tech reporter in San Francisco and has written or contributed articles to the Industry Standard, Red Herring, Business 2.

After a long run as a reporter in London, Brussels and Washington D. She now helps start-ups tell better stories at First Person. Venture capitalists think so too.

Onfido automates background checks letting employers and companies electronically vet potential job candidates.

By automating a traditionally manual process, Onfido aims to make background checks faster, cheaper, more efficient and accurate. Each went through a check that took from weeks. At the same time that they were hunting down jobs, Kassai and Jubbawy, president and vice president respectively of the Oxford Entrepreneurs Society, were meeting with banks and consulting firms for sponsorship to the society. They used the time to also ask about background checks.

Much like other background checking firms, Onfido started out targeting employers and recruitment agencies, looking at the high-skill, high-risk sectors such as financial services. But then a fellow start-up, the on demand cleaning firm Hassle, approached them.

Hassle knew that in order for them to grow their own business, they needed to show that their workers could be trusted. The company had been looking at doing background checks, but wanted to ensure they were done in good time and at a competitive price.

A volume deal was eventually hammered out.

onfido competitors

More sharing economy companies quickly followed suit, including competing on demand cleaning firms Handy and Homejoy. The more Onfido looked into the sharing economy, the more they liked what they saw. It is part of an existing workforce trend that has seen the numbers of contract workers, the self-employed, and freelancers continue to rise. At the same time, the trusting early adopters of the sharing economy are giving way to more cautious mainstream users. Considering the volume of transactions that now take place in the sharing economy, tales of sharing experiences ending horribly wrong are actually a very small number.

Indeed, some sharing economy companies are exploring a model where applicants pay extra for a more thorough check that they can then put on their profile to signal that they are more trustworthy. Other platforms are requiring that both users and service providers are background checked.OnFido is a reliable and effective employee background check service for HR professionals and recruitment agencies. Clients can easily access and manage the process through a simple web based or mobile based, user-friendly dashboard with complete control over data.

HireRight offers thorough employee screening and background check process for companies all over the world. First Advantage conducts various employee background checks and identity verification processes on behalf of client companies. TalentWise makes the hiring process easier and reduces the time-to-hire by providing affordable and effective pre-employment screening solutions to companies.

Equifax Employment Verifications services are used by companies to conduct a secure and private background check of their employees. SterlingBackcheck is hired by organizations to check whether the profile presented by their new potential employee is valid. PeopleG2 provides background checks and employee screening services to companies, who want to check the details and data of a potential employee.

Asurint is an employee background check service used by many private, public and government organizations to verify the credentials of their employees. These services are used by organizations that want to conduct a background check before hiring It conducts thorough background check for candidates against possible criminal records, substance abuse screening, referencing Corporate Screening can be customized to meet the background check needs of a specific company It is very important for an organization to ensure that its data is in safe hands.

Also, international laws regarding compliance must be followed in order to maintain regulation. OnFido is a SaaS provider that helps organizations in verifying the identity of various entities important for the organization.

It was founded in the UK and has headquarters in several countries over the world. It provides its extensive biometric verification services to companies located in various countries over the world.

Its services provided consist of various artificial intelligence and machine learning-based implementations of biometric verification techniques, made possible through cloud technology. These methods utilize convenient channels, like smartphones, to prevent identity theft and other identity-related frauds.

Top OnFido Alternatives

The AI biometric verification algorithm of OnFido can then be used to scan government-issued documents from the user as a reference and verify their identity, all through a simple selfie from the device camera. It is, thus, one of the easiest methods of verification available, while also being very compliant with international regulations. OnFido has two main usages in organizational settings.

The first one is fraud prevention through documents.

onfido competitors

The data and image of the user are verified by the AI engine only after it acknowledges that the document presented is a valid one. More than document types from the world over are supported by the engine.

Another method is through direct biometric verification, in which a visual sample of adequate quality is analyzed by the AI, along with human experts, for double-layered authentication. Visit Website.

Fastest identity verification to on-board customers

Visit Website 15 Alternatives. HireRight HireRight offers thorough employee screening and background check process for companies all over the world.Kassai spoke about the challenges that come with operating a machine learning platform, the difficulties of finding and retaining talent and much more.

We founded Onfido in July My two co-founders and I had experience working in the City during and after university, and it soon became evident through our own first-hand experience that there was a problem. Though the world was moving online, the identity verification processes required for opening a bank account or starting employment still resided in an offline, manual world.

With turnaround times, cost and human error proving frequent pain points, it was clear that a technological solution was required.

We set out to solve this problem with machine learning-based identity verification, offered alongside various sanctions and compliance checks.

The key difference in our approach to identity verification is that we used a hybrid machine learning and human approach. The majority of documents can be automatically processed by our machine learning technology, which becomes more robust as more volumes are passed through it. We find that this is the best approach, as it drives fast turnaround times and fraud detection, without sacrificing completion rates.

The strength of our machine learning technology is what really differentiates us, and it would be difficult for newcomers to catch up with us in that respect. That global coverage enables to scale very quickly into new territories too, which is a big selling point with our clients.

The most difficult and the most important part of setting up any business is building a quality team — without that, there is no way to succeed. There have been a lot! But the biggest highlight was our 5th birthday in August of this year. There are three things we find investors look for; intelligent technology, an expert team and a strong long-term vision. We believe new migrants to a country should be an active part of the economy from day one, and not have to wait for six months to be validated by credit reference agencies in order to get a job or rent an apartment.

Q: What made you set up Onfido? Q: Who are your competitors and what sets you apart? Our main competitors in the identity verification space is Jumio. Tech Chats Tech Chats: Taking new steps into the smart home. Tech Chats Tech Chats: Zooming in on household viewing habits. The state of the online gambling industry.Image: Onfido. Our start-up of the week is London-based Onfido, which uses machine intelligence and AI to help companies verify that people are exactly who they say they are.


Kassai explained that Onfido responds to these challenges by delivering next-generation identity verification. In particular, Onfido specialises in streamlining the KYC and AML process for regulated businesses including fintechs, banks and e-gaming platforms.

To help businesses centralise their audit trail, Onfido has built a robust solution for verifying workers remotely, with clients including Uber, Deliveroo and Care UK. We first started working together in as I was elected as president of the Oxford Entrepreneurs society and Eamon as vice-president.

I met Ruhul while I was looking for a software engineer for a previous project called ReferenceBox. Further market research with banks and consultancies proved the scale of the problem: turnaround times, cost and human error were the recurring pain points. It was clear that this was a problem looking for a technological solution. And so the idea was born. Once a pattern is recognised and learned by the machine, it will scan every single subsequent document for this pattern.

The software can therefore verify documents in a matter of seconds with the highest degree of accuracy, wherever in the world they are from. This cascade approach allows us to accurately verify more individuals than traditional solutions, meaning that businesses can onboard more people onto their platform and increase revenues.

Onfido clients have reduced drop-off and seen uplift in the number of identified users by 42pc. Our simple, easy-to-integrate technology solves a range of business problems without the need for multiple reviews or integrations.

According to Kassai, what sets Onfido apart is its long-term vision for bringing identity verification to the masses and its goal to become the provider of trusted identities for human interactions of all kinds. We believe new migrants to a country should be an active part of the economy from day one, and not have to wait for six months to be validated by credit reference agencies in order to get a job or rent an apartment.

Things are going well for Onfido. The funds were used to scale our global offering, further develop our machine learning-based technology and continue building a specialist international team to support increased customer demand. Onfido will have to be a different company at versus versus people. You need to think carefully about the culture, the balance of the company and how teams work with each other, especially as we become a more global team. Kassai said the UK has a vibrant and growing start-up scene with good access to capital thanks to EIS and a more innovative regulatory environment such as the FCA.

They offer new services in unchartered territory, which can lead to exploitation, so there is the need for close and evolving regulation — hence the FCA sandbox offering a forum for continuous feedback and engagement between fintech, regtech, incumbents and regulators.

Citibank has around 30, people carrying out compliance.

onfido competitors

Want stories like this and more direct to your inbox? In-Depth: Start-up of the Week. Related: UKLondonfintechfunding and investmentrisk and compliance.Onfido is building the new identity standard for the internet. The AI-based technology assesses whether a user's government-issued ID is genuine or fraudulent, and then compares it against their facial biometrics. Come up with a name for your new list and we'll add to it:.

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Start-up of the week: Onfido

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onfido competitors

Related Onfido Jobs. There is no Investors data available for this company. Please select another tab. See all 21 investors. There is no Board of Directors data available for this company. Board Members Name Firm. There is no Competitors data available for this company. BehavioSec technology allows companies to continuously verify digital identities in real-time. Login to see details.

Apr 3, See all 22 competitors. BehavioSec enables enterprises to transparently authenticate people across mobile and web apps by integrating its Behavioral Biometrics as a Service BBaaS platform. Hirease assists businesses with background research, drug screening, and credentials processing for job applicants.

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