These plans for a porch swing can be seen at construct site. The plans are downloadable they include a free PDF file. Also available at construct website are plans for a porch swing stand and an arbor swing. All plans can be seen online free and downloaded in PDF format. Visit construct for more details on this table or see thier list of other DIY projects. Picnic Table Plans.

How to build a picnic table. Simple to follow plans. Step-by-step instructions with detailed pictures. Easy DIY project can be completed in a day. Building A Garden Gazebo. Garden gazebos can be found in kits or built manually in almost any configuration that is desired, such as four-sided, six-sided or even an octagon shape. When building a gazebo, the design options are virtually unlimited. Compost Sifter Plans. A compost sifter is useful if you want finer compost. A sifter will screen out larger material that may need more time.

These D-I-Y plans can easily be modified to build a sifter for your needs. The Versatile Garden Arbor What inexpensive spring or summertime project will beautify your yard or garden while enhancing the value of your home?

A garden arbor. This simple structure, often used as a vine covered entranceway into the yard, can also serve. Garden Trellis: Plans And Kits. Trellises are often used to support ivy type plants, roses, and tomatoes. If you need extra storage space in your garden for tools and gardening supplies you may want to consider building a shed. Not everyone is an accomplished handyman, but you do not have to be an expert builder to build a shed.

One great benefit of having a cinder block compost bin is that it will last many years. The front boards slide in and out. These plans can easily be modified to build just one bin or as many as you need. Pictures and details will give you ideas so you can easily build your own.If you have kids or you miss the kid in you, building a garden swing is one of those life changing projects. Building a swing means freedom and creativity, so why not take up the plunge and invest in your happiness?

There are several designs you can choose, starting with the classic A-frame structure up to more complex arbor stands. In addition, I have selected only the plans that come with detailed instructions and with a materials list, so that you can save time and money. If you want to build an arbor swing that can be easily moved from one location to another, you should check out these plans.

MyOutdoorPlans provide easy to follow instructions for building this arbor swing stand with deck. The project comes with easy to follow instructions, diagrams and a complete cut list. Another approach would be to build an A-frame swing stand. GardenPlansFree provides easy to follow instructions and a detailed cut list, so that any person with basic woodworking skills can get the job done with ease.


Check out the plans and read the instructions before assembling the stand. If you are all about functionality and you want just a quick and straight-forward process, you need to check out these plans.

This swing stand from MyOutdoorPlans is a great choice if you want a sturdy project but you want a more individualized design. The top arbor really adds value to the stand. You can easily adjust the size of the wooden stand, so that you can accommodate any swing bench. Todayshomeowner comes with a great project. The site provides a meaningful video, so that you can better understand what building a swing arbor is all about.

A great resource to check out, if you are more interested in the techniques, rather than the diagrams. HowToSpecialist really raised the bar with this project. If you are looking for a movable swing stand made from wood, HowToSpecialist has got you covered with detailed plans. If you have the basic woodworking skills, you can really pull it through in just one day, as the projects is reasonably simple. Diagrams, step by step instructions and a cut list complete the whole picture.

The last project comes from MyOutdoorPlans and is about an A-frame swing. I find these plans really intriguing because you can basically build this garden swing using just 2x4s and screws.

Yes, hard to believe but the guys at HowToSpecialist. Click here to cancel reply.This project is a guest post from my good friend Julian. You can find a large collection of free outdoor plans at his blog: MyOutdoorPlans. I really like his style and the level of detail all his project have, so see here one of the biggest diy site on the internet.

If you want to get the job done in a professional manner, we recommend you to plan everything with attention, as to prevent costly mistakes and to build a professional garden chair. Invest in high quality materials, such as cedar, pine or redwood, as the bench will be exposed to all kinds of weather.

The first step of the project is to build the legs for the chair. Smooth the edges with grit sandpaper, after making the cuts. Cut one end of the supports at 75 degrees. Round the exposed corner of the support using a jigsaw and smooth the edges.

Cut one end of the side supports at 75 degrees. Align the edges with attention, making sure the corners are right-angled. Drill pilot holes, to prevent the wood from splitting. Next, you need to attach the seat frame to the sides. Leave no gaps between the components.

Round the exposed corner and smooth the edges with sandpaper. Attach the supports to the frame of the outdoor chair. Align everything with attention before inserting the screws.

Place the slats equally-spaced and lock them into place tightly. Pre-drill the components to prevent the wood from splitting. Round the ends of the armrests using a jigsaw. Smooth the edges with sandpaper. Drill pilot holes before inserting the screws, to prevent the wood from splitting. Last but not least, you should take care of the finishing touches.

Therefore, we recommend you to check if the components are locked into place properly and structure is rigid enough for your garden. Make sure there are no protruding screws or sharp edges. Apply several coats of paint or stain over the components, in order to protect them from decay. If you have enjoyed the free project, we recommend you to share it with your friends, by using the social media widgets. Click here to cancel reply. Free Outdoor Chair Plans Thomas 0.

Building a garden chair. Building the legs. Fitting the armrest support. Building the seat frame. Assembling the frame of the chair. Building the backrest supports. Attaching the backrest supports.If you are like me, you like to keep your possessions in a good condition. Having your car in a good condition is a great thing, as it is more than a hobby, it a question of being safe. Therefore, what better way is there to keep your car protected from the elements than building a wooden carport.


I say wooden carport, as it is something anyone can make in just a few days without much effort, if the right plans are used. In this list, I have gathered the best and most detailed free standing plans on the internet, for one, two or even three cars.

As you will see, I selected carport plans with different sizes and designs, so you can make the right choice for your needs. Just browse through the plans and adjust them to suit your needs and budget. There are always local building codes to comply with, so I really suggest you take a look over them before starting the construction process.

I have selected the best plans for an attached carport on the internet. Here they are:. First on the list is a nice project from MyOutdoorPlans. This site has been around for many many years and it is a trust worthy source for easy to build woodworking projects. Continuing their tradition of providing really simple plans for all budgets and experience levels, they have designed this straight forward carport with a gable roof that can shelter one car.

If you are a person that puts an emphasis on value and this basic designs match the style of the rest of your backyard, you should really give it a shot. They provide step by step diagrams, instructions and a detailed cut list. The next carport project on my list comes from HowToSpecialist. When searching for free carport plans on the internet I run into this project and after seeing the level of details and the useful instructions, I had to share it with you. You can fit lattice panels to the sides of the carport as privacy screens or just to better protect your car from bad weather, dust and leafs.

Another awesome project on this list from MyOutdoorPlans. What a beautiful design for this carport with gable roof. If you are all about style you should take a look over the instructions they provide on the site. The plans come with lots of instructions, diagrams and a complete cut list. If you want to print the plans or to save them in a PDF file, you can using their widgets.

If you live in an area with low precipitations and no snow, you can consider building this awesome flat roof carport.

This project requires a low amount of work and preparation, especially with the straight forward instructions. BuildEazy designed this simple carport with an almost flat roof. They provide many detailed diagrams and instructions, as well as a metric version. However, if you want a nice printable version of the plans you need to pay a small amount of money to have all the plans saved in a nice PDF file. All in all, considering it is free, the plans are accurate and provide useful information for anyone who want to build a carport.If you're a deer hunter or know someone who is, you should consider using one of the below free deer stand plans to take your deer hunting to the next level.

These free building plans include free-standing deer stand plans, deer stands in trees, and box deer blinds. They are in a variety of sizes, all with different features, so you should find just the deer stand that will work best for your hunting ground. You'll find diagrams, step-by-step building instructions, photos, material lists, cut lists, and more helpful resources as a part of these free deer stand plans.

They have everything you need to help you succeed with your build. My Outdoor Plans.

8 Free Carport Plans

A list of materials and tools are given, and each object that's needed to build the deer stand are marked on an overview image so as to give a very easy-to-understand visual on how all the pieces fit together. In addition to an overview, the plan explains how to build a deer stand with step-by-step instructions and pictures. Deer Blind from My Outdoor Plans.

Free Deer Stand Plans.


This plan has you put together a deer stand that reaches 15 feet along a treewith both a platform at the top and one at just 6 feet off the ground.

In 5 parts, you'll find a walkthrough that includes a list of materials, cutting instructions, info on putting the top and bottom levels together, and finishing the top. Hydrogen Electrolysis. This plan describes building a deer stand around a tree, so it also includes a hand-rail, platform, and a ladder.

Over a dozen actual images of DIY deer stands are found at the bottom of this plan after the building instructions and illustrations. Deer Tree Stand from Hydrogen Electrolysis. Download this PDF file to get a deer blind plan that's raised off the ground with a ladder entrance, but doesn't require a tree for support.

Instead, there are lots of drawings and measurements that you must focus on to understand how to build the deer blind. Octagon Deer Blind. Though there's zero protection from wind and other weather conditions, this deer stand can be built much cheaper than most. Follow along with the plan details for a materials and cut list, info on building the ladder, top, and seat, as well as assembling all the pieces together and setting up the stand.


This deer box stand plan has plenty of diagrams and directions to help you build it. It builds a great elevated deer blind that you can place anywhere you'd like. You'll also find lots of user photos and comments to make changes to your deer stand to include a blind and other features.Jonathan built this cool kayak rack, using my free set of plans.

Looks pretty awesome, don't you agree? Stephen built this cool sandbox with cover, using my free set of plans. Looks brilliant! Such a simple and beautiful project for the little ones John built this cool 10 ft picnic table, using my free set of plans.

Looks great and it will be of great help in the garden. Looks amazing! I really like this, simple but so beautiful! William built this cool bench, using my free set of of plans. Looks amazing and it's super easy to make! Kyle built this cool 14x14 pavilion and shared lots of pictures taken during the build. He also comes with a total list with the costs involved in the process. Really nice project! Jamie built this amazing 16x16 pavilion, using my free set of plans.

Looks really cool! What do you think? Bloomington chickens built this amazing 4x8 coop, using my free set of plans. Take a look over the post, to see the total costs and more pics. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility help. Email or phone Password Forgotten account? See more of MyOutdoorPlans on Facebook. Log In. Forgotten account? Not Now. Visitor Posts.These free bench plans will help you build a bench for any room in your home or outside on your patio or deck.

When you're finished you'll have a high-quality bench that cost you way less than the one you would buy at a furniture store. The free bench plans contain everything you need to plan and execute your bench project. Blueprints, step-by-step directions, cut lists, material lists, and diagrams will take you through this beginning woodworking project and you'll have your bench built in an afternoon or two.

There's a wide style of bench plans below that include benches with and without backs. They're built in a variety of wood and some are painted while others are stained. With all these options, I'm sure you'll find the perfect bench plan for your home. Jaime Costiglio. That's My Letter has built this useful shoe storage bench and is giving away the plan for free.

Included are diagrams and step-by-step building instructions so even the most novice of builders can take on this project.

This storage bench was designed so it easily fits four large storage crates. This adds a lot of room to store shoes, hats and gloves, sports equipment, and just about anything else you and your family need quick access to when you're headed out. Jay's Custom Creations.

This free plan from Jays Custom Creations explains everything you need to build not only an outdoor bench but also a small side table. The bench requires some 2x4s, screws, and other standard woodworking supplies like glue and a saw. The cutting diagrams and placing illustrations in this plan are color-coded to make it super simple to piece together.

Plus, all the measurements are clear and easy to understand. The Design Confidential. This is The Design Confidential's free bench plan for building a 38" Chesapeake Banquette here's the 48" version. This bench can be used alone or to go along with a dining room tablefarmhouse tableor picnic table. As you can see in the image, this bench isn't made up of anything too complex, so it should be a perfect project for a beginner. The bench is 5' long and stands just over 1. My Outdoor Plans. It calls for several 2x4s of various lengths for the legs, trim, and seat.

Like the image shows, the bench seat rests on two blocks, which sets it 16" off the ground. Handyman Wire. Just gather the few materials at the top of the Handyman Wire page to build this bench using the instructions from their free plan. Like the other plans from this list, HandymanWire includes the cutting dimensions so you know exactly what you need to do from the very start.

In addition to color-coded illustrations are real-life pictures of the construction process to help guide you through the steps.

16x24 Pavilion Plans

Garden Bench from Handyman Wire. From Woodworking For Mere Mortals is this free plan for a bench made from 2x4s. There's also a video showing the whole project being built, plus a SketchUp file on their website so you can manipulate the details of the bench, like its color and size. Woodworking for Mere Mortals. There are printable diagrams for use as cutting guides as well as a video showing how to build the bench. How To Specialist. How To Specialist is another place to get a free bench plan for one of your woodworking projects.

Though you can definitely adjust these measurements, the frame of the seating portion of the bench is 60" long and 18" deep, and the backrest is around 23" tall. The steps in this plan are very detailed and come with illustrations and written instructions for precise explanations.

Remove and Replace. It stands 17" tall, 3' long, and 1' deep.

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