Breakpoint 416 blueprint

In Ghost Recon Breakpoint there are many blueprints to find. Among other things, you can make weapons with these blueprints. In this guide we want to show you all the locations of these blueprints. If you find 40 of them, the following trophy will be unlocked:. An overview of all Ghost Recon Breakpoint trophies and guides can be found here. I agree Privacy Policy. We show you the locations of the Halloween decoration in Fortnite. We'll help you with the Fortnite mission in week 7. Crash Bandicoot 4 — Dr.

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We'll help you with the Fortnite mission in week 7 Crash Bandicoot 4 — Dr.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint blueprint locations: where to find new weapons and attachments

Privacy Infos Privacy Policy Imprint.Fed up of scavenging for new weapons from enemies? Well, this guide is for you as you can also just go to certain locations and find them yourself.

Within many of the structured buildings throughout Auroa, there are pieces of Intel on desks or other surfaces that when you interact with them, will show you multiple options. Intel that you can gather includes attachments, weapon blueprints, and bivouac locations for that specific region. You will only discover stuff for a region in Infinity if the Intel you are currently gathering is also in Infinity. These are many weapon blueprints that are available to find, each of which is located in specific locations.

All DMR Weapon Blueprints

Since Decemberthe Faction Rewards have been disabled. Here are what the rewards were in Act 1. To experience this content, you will need to enable targeting cookies.

breakpoint 416 blueprint

Yes, we know. Manage cookie settings. These Behemoth Defence areas have some high-level enemies that can be a little difficult to defeat if you head in without a plan. In the video above, lovingly crafted by our very own Matthew Castle, he details a method for getting past the drones, which is particularly helpful for getting some decent equipment.

Using the Panther class, then use a cloaking spray for 60 seconds worth of stealth. Use bivouacs to replenish your supply. There are a few that are hidden in the Behemoth Defence areas. Remember that the Panther class has cloaking spray that hides you for 60 seconds from the big nasty mechs patrolling each one.

Head into the loadout menu and hold the G key on your keyboard to edit the weapon. This will bring you into the gunsmith options menu. Here you can select the part on the right-hand side and equip with the attachment you have just found.

The gunsmith menu is also where you can apply bonuses onto weapons, detailed stats on the weapon type, and examine the passive bonuses onto it.New to Shacknews? Signup for a Free Account. Put on your stealth boots if you want to visit the M4A1 blueprint location in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. The M4A1 blueprint can be obtained at any time, even if players are under leveled.

To do this, take the helicopter outside of Erewhon and head to the Channels province. Once there, stay at a position of elevation in relation to your target. Notice that the area is quite quiet, other than the level Behemoth roaming around.

Luckily, this thing can be avoided with little trouble. Wait for the Behemoth to patrol the opposite side of the structure, then walk up the stairs and then climb the ladder. Quickly grab the M4A1 blueprint from the case. This, of course, sounds easy, but careful players will want to sneak in quietly.

breakpoint 416 blueprint

I spent a couple minutes in the prone position using the camouflage and waiting for the right time to move in. There are also two skill points to grab, but those are secondary to our objective.

With the M4A1 blueprint in hand, players can now safely fast travel out of the area or dare to challenge the Behemoth for giggles. I went with the latter, and the fight was over in about 10 seconds. It did not go well. Now that the M4A1 blueprint is yours, consider grabbing the Tac 50 blueprint for a good sniper rifle to go with it.

Bill, who is also known as Rumpo, is a lifelong gamer and Toronto Maple Leafs fan. Tweet him RumpoPlays if you have a question or comment about one of his guides. Already have an account? Login Now. Bill Lavoy.Well, it turns out there are five signature weapons in Ghost Recon Breakpoint and all of them are tied to main missions.

We have access to some of the best weapons in the game and they pack a rather meaty punch. Since these are significantly boosted versions of decent weapons found on normal grunts, they are certainly well worth seeking. This guide is specifically detailing the steps needed to be taken to get Signature Weapons. Begin the mission by infiltrating the research facility and speaking to one of the scientists.

Head there and incapacitate one of the commanders. You may wish to take out some of the Wolves in addition to snipers and anyone who can call for reinforcements. Interrogate a commander by shooting them in the leg, not the head, then grabbing them and pressing the button to interrogate.

That means the average of your equipped weapons and armour should total One is a base, while the other two are research facilities full of scientists. I would highly recommend doing this by taking the yellow road to the south down towards the base and driving as fast as you can into the base. Hack the computer in the centre of the room for the access key. Inside there will be several wolves, a couple of drones, and an automated turret.

One of the wolves is Flycatcher, who has the intel. Kill him with a well-placed headshot and nab his intel to complete the mission and nab the Flycatcher P90 signature gun blueprint. These include a research colony and a fishing village. One is nearby in the hills. When you find her, she tells you her friend went to Lake Bulkington. Head over there in a chopper and find the small island in the middle of the lake.

Fly to the summit and make sure you properly recon the area. Unlike the other missions of this ilk, the base is rather small and can be seen in its entirety with one recon drone.

Being severely injured means that you can only use a handgun, so make sure you are efficient with your shots.

Luckily, she goes down with one shot like the rest and she has the Zastrava M93 signature gun blueprint.With the Faction System and Battle Rewards, players complete missions in-game to gain tiers that can unlock further rewards.

In two weeks, Ubisoft also plans to offer a booster, increasing the rate at which you gain Battle Reward tiers. Now that Ghost Recon Breakpoint is in its pre-launch access period, the full scope of the microtransactions are becoming apparent. Essentially, Breakpoint sports many of the additional purchases that have become common in Ubisoft games, alongside the Battle Reward system.

It's a lot, and honestly might end up being the "breakpoint" for some players in terms of supporting the game. There are two types of currency in Breakpoint. There's the Skell Credits, which you earn at a fairly nominal rate from completing missions or dispatching enemies. Then there are Ghost Coins, the currency that you can only buy with real-world money.

There are five different packs of Ghost Coins available for purchase:. What's in the store? Pretty much everything. You can purchase weapon blueprints in every category of weapon, weapon attachments, vehicles, cosmetic gear pieces backpacks, helmets, shirtsfull body costumes, tattoos, emotes, gear camos, weapons, crafting materials, weapon upgrades, and even packs of Skell Credits.

breakpoint 416 blueprint

That runs the entire gamut of everything you can get in Breakpoint. And while you can unlock many of the available items through pure gameplay, not all of them fall into that category. Or the VectorBlade motorcycle, which can only be had for easy summoning for Ghost Coins in the store.

And as far as I can tell, the signature weapon blueprints, which are highly tuned and come with unique weapon paint jobs, only come from the store or outside campaigns. Many of these transactions have direct gameplay benefits, especially the weapon attachments and weapon blueprints. You can find all the attachments in-game, but it takes a good deal of time to find the intel and the attachment itself, versus spending Ghost Coins.

Weapon blueprints allow you to sidestep the random roll nature of loot; if you prefer a certain weapon, just find its blueprint and you can craft the equivalent at your current level.

You still need the Skell Credits to purchase the weapon though. With that baseline, let's break down some of these prices.

We've picked a few specific items that are indicative of the price players can expect on the Store. Most weapon blueprints cost GC, but signature weapon blueprints jump up to GC.The difficulty level on Regular is good enough to put in the pit of death if you are playing without friends.

There are drones, turrets, armed guards, armored machine gunners, choppers, etc. It is quite important to understand what weapon you are carrying with you, Best weapons in Ghost Recon Breakpoint means everything.

A perfect loadout that can give you enough power to deal with a crowd of rogue soldiers. You will definitely find a lot easier to fight compare to picking up any other weapon.

All DMR Weapon Blueprints

The first box on the left shows stats, this will give you the accurate details on various attributes of the weapons like Accuracy, Handling, Range, Mobility, Recoil and more. The higher the stats the better weapon is. You can add MK1 upgrades by collecting weapon parts to get a better range, lower recoil, and accuracy. This can also be enhanced using.

The Upgrade sections will help you to increase weapon stats along with a Passive Bonus. This is where you will need to dismantle the existing low-power weapons and gather more and more items.

This will be unlocked as you progress in the game. Weapon Attachments are a very important aspect of guns in Breakpoint, they offer you tons of extra benefits like better stability, low recoil, higher ammo capacity, the long-range scope for best accurate shots, etc. When you have new attachements you can check them here in the third section on the right, equip them and make your weapon the best one in Breakpoint. After all these there are gears, your helmet, gloves, pants, shoes, etc.

All these gears also carry additional buffs like health regen, stamina regen, high mobility, etc. There are two skills that will help you to upgrade weapons from MK. Weapon can be found in the chest, there are different tiers indicating the rarity like Blue or Purple. The best loots are hidden in the military sectors where you have to face guards, snipers, etc. AK47 is a versatile assault rifle, it is best if you need something powerful enough to shoot down guards in one shot. With high penetration, AK47 gives a decent range and handling.

It lacks in Recoil, otherwise, all other attributes are above average, especially the range and handling that matters the most if you need a weapon to shoot while running.

During the Beta session I was lucky to get this one in the first chest after the game begins. But in the full edition, there was a different gun.

AK47 on the other side is best for range, if you want to hide and take headshots, then you cannot miss it with AK47, but when you are in a region where you can easily get surrounded then you need something like Tavor. I cannot ignore at all costs, there is a higher tier weapon of the same category but still, after upgrades, I found a little more comfortable weapon in Breakpoint.


It offers high Accuracy, Handling, and Range. The weapon needs upgrades, or else you cannot get enough power from it. Ghost Recon Breakpoint is all about stealth gameplay, being along on the lethal island demands patience, strategy, and accuracy.

Raising an alert is calling death. So here Sniper is one of the best weapons you must always carry, in Breakpoint you can carry three weapons, a primary weapon, secondary and a side-arm like a pistol. Sniper will sit in the secondary slot. Scorpio is one of the best sniper guns in Breakpoint, because of its high range and accuracy.

Plus it adds a high range, but it is poor in handling and mobility. That can be managed, you just need a good spot to mark down all the guards and then take them down one by one. TAC50 carries similar stats to Scorpio, a good replacement if you are unable to get the above one. It is ideal if you are playing solo and require a good range to attack guards from a distance.Blueprints in Ghost Recon Breakpoints let you unlock weapons that you might not have had access to before.

You have to progress through the game before they let you use it. Well, not really. The only point of finding blueprints is so that you can purchase better weapons from the shop. You can find them in the Weapons on Demand tab.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint signature weapons - how to get all the best guns

But, then again, if the developers are angling for realism, this really is the only way to achieve that. Incidentally, whatever blueprints you might have collected up to the point where you unlock the option to use blueprints are gonna automatically unlock in the store.

Which brings us to our next point…. In order to unlock the ability to use weapon blueprints n Ghost Recon Breakpoint, you have to keep going through the tutorial missions that Maria gives you.

This mission directly follows the one where you learn how to upgrade weapons. Once Maria gives you this mission, your task will be to go off into the open world and retrieve a blueprint, any blueprint. Good luck out there.

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