Beastmetals belt squat

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Belt squat for bigger lifts. The belt squat machine is one of the best ways to perform loaded squats without placing loads on your spine. This is important for several reasons: It allows for faster recovery due to unloading of the spine.

It allows you to squat with upper body injuries that inhibit you from holding a bar on your back. The downward pull of the belt provides a traction like effect to the spine great for lower back problems. You can train to failure with little fear of injury. Footprint: 4'6. While time off is good the belt squat provides a great alternative that can keep the gains coming.

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beastmetals belt squat

Dave Tate. Featured Gyms. One of the best parts of working for EliteFTS besides the diet advice from Dave is helping people create their own home gyms.

Jim Wendler. Move that Ford Escort to the driveway, toss that box of old high school trophies in the trash; it's time to get serious.

Hand crafted strength

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New Items Bands Strength Equipment. Made in U. Use the Belt Squat Machine to build tremendous lower body power without stressing the lower back. Usually ships in weeks. Partially assembled. AK, HI, and international orders, please call for a shipping quote. Partially Assembled Freight Shipped. Learn More. Specs Features Scroll down for details. Qty Add to Cart -OR. Details Related Articles Reviews.Dual Docking Station. Consequently, there isn't a neuromuscular disconnect between you and the load tension.

Because it is a free weight squat, the lifter is able to sit back into their natural range of motion to really work the hips, glutes, and hamstrings. From a pure safety perspective, because the weight load is perfectly centered below the lifter, it reduces the potential shearing impact on the low back that comes with other hip belt squats that are on the market eg, the Pit Shark.

In fact, because the weight is perfectly centered when using with band resistance, there is a traction effect as the lower vertebrae are pulled apart decompressed and there is a dynamic stretch of the hip flexors.

Hence, the MD- Mobility and Decompression!! With its unique design, no spotter is needed. It allows you to load the weight, hook and go! You don't know Squat until you know Squatmax-MD!

Centered line of force. Rack attachment model. What some of the top biomechanics experts in the field have to say about the design!A Hi there, thanks for your question. The machine is compatible for any height athletes and taller athletes would tend to go for a longer length belt - we offer three difference sizes, small, medium or large. The height of the unracking pins from the floor is about mm or mm from the footplate. Hope this helps. A Hi Ben.

beastmetals belt squat

Thanks for the question. The actual floor area of the belt squat is mm wide by mm deep but we provide mm weight horns as standard increasing the total width to mm wide at it's widest point. When looking for a belt squat machine for sale there are a few key features to look out for as not every belt squat is built the same. This wenning belt squat is designed to replicate the squat with a ratio.

The machine comes complete with a custom medium belt. If you require an additional smaller or larger belt please select the option above please note the belts are not available to buy without the machine. We opted for a large mm wide solid steel platform giving you the option to switch from a wide 'Sumo' stance to a narrow 'Olympic' stance safely and effectively on our belt squat.

Spinal compression can be a major problem to the average gym goer as well as the seasoned athlete. Niggling back or shoulder issues can prevent you from squatting due to pain and irritation setting your leg development back weeks and sometimes even months.

The belt squat is the ultimate tool to combat this as your hips bear the brunt of the load using a specially made lifting belt. Close menu. Log in Create account. Q Hi,im intrested about belt squat ,what is the high of unracking 3 pins ,is it compatibile for higher athlete? Have Your Say Based on 14 reviews Leave your review. Veyron Plate Loaded Hack Squat. Fuel Calf Raise. Sissy Squat. Rush Squat Stands V2.My focus and just about everyone else's in the Iron Game was on Arthur Jones and his exercise system using special Nautilus machines.

As such, it pretty much slipped by our notice, and everybody else's. In fact, decades have passed without much notice in regards to hip belt squats, but there have been six pieces published from onward and at least one television segment ESPN's American Muscle, on this exercise. For those of you who aren't familiar with the hip belt squat, I suggest that you consider purchasing the squat video from the Westside Barbell Club. This video features a powerful live-action demonstration of the hip belt squat.

If you watch it, you can see how this potent anabolic blasting exercise can ignite the ultimate in thigh supergrowth — naturally. Of course, you probably don't want to wait for the UPS man to make his delivery before you start doing this great movement. As such, I'll describe how it's done so you can start doing it today.

First, place two flat exercise benches or very sturdy nontipping wooden platforms of the same height to form a V-shaped configuration. When seen from above, the benches should be spaced far enough apart at the opened end of the "V" to accommodate the width of your selected squatting stance. Next, place a sturdy chair or box midway between these benches.

This will serve as your loading platform for the weight you'll be using. Choose the heavy dumbbell or barbell plate you intend to use and place it on the makeshift loading platform. The combined height of the loading platform and the dumbbell should approximate knee height when you're standing on the benches.

Note: Though your center of gravity in the hip belt squat will be extremely low when compared to other squatting movements such as the Olympic high-bar squatdon't expect to use herculean poundages. Rickey Dale Crain, who is acknowledged as one of the greatest squatters of all time, discovered that doing just 3 sets of 10 to 12 maxi-pump reps with pounds in the hip belt squat was brutally rough on his bionic quads, hips, and hamstrings.

Consider that he was capable of a "power-style" squat with well over pounds at a body weight of around pounds! Next, step up and take a moderately wide stance of 18 to 24 inches astride the flat exercise benches and directly over the loading platform. The exact width between your foot placement is your decision.

You must feel comfortable and safe. Attach a barbell plate or dumbbell to the hip-belt chain, positioning the weight so it fits snugly but comfortably near your crotch. Now come to an upright position, lifting the dumbbell off the loading platform.

Have a spotter remove the loading platform. Alternately, you could just use a leather dip belt, which can be found in most hardcore gyms. Laterally rotate your feet out 45 degrees from parallel. The subtle action of rotating the feet out when combined with an 18 to 24 inch heel-to-heel stance will place stress on the outer edge of the foot where the power is, rather than on the weaker inner side of the foot. Your body should be in an upright position where the shoulders and hip joints are in alignment.

Never bow or hump your back so as to collapse your chest. If you do, your balance and weight will shift to your heels and put more tension on the spinae erector muscles, which is a problem associated with many thigh and back exercises, but not with the hip belt squat.

So why mention it, Yukon Boy? One of the ways to acquire the correct feeling of a flat back with a slight arch is to sit upright on a stool or bench. Inhale deeply and try to elevate your chest as high as possible in an effort to touch your chin.

When done correctly, it will automatically contract the muscles in the back so your spine and back feel locked into one solid piece. This technique was perfected by Tommy T. Kono, an eight-time Olympia weightlifting champion. Not only would he use this technique, which he coined the "pouting pigeon," in the manner described, but he recommended it be used prior to beginning the pull-in exercises such as snatches, cleans, and deadlifts.

World and Mr.I don't know how your barbell squat form is, but mine sucks! Take a look at the first few seconds of this video and you will see my form. I'm not sure if I lack flexibility in my lower legs and ankles to be able to do ATG ass to grass squats, or if it's the position of the barbell that gives me problems, but the lower you go in the squatting motion, the easier it is on your knees.

I was ready to give up on barbell squats when I ran across the belt squat on the internet. Belt squats will place the work load on your legs, not on your back like a regular barbell squat would. I have read were belt squatting will actually help your barbell squatting form because doing the belt squat you can go ATG, thereby training your legs to become flexible and to explode out of the hole as they say.

Another benefit of belt squatting is that it takes the load off of your spine. No more heavy barbells pushing down on your discs making you shorter.

Also, if you have shoulder problems, you don't have to struggle holding a heavy barbell behind your neck, a true blessing if you have rotator cuff problems. I strained my rotator cuff and it took ten months to heal They have a cable coming out of the floor that attaches to a belt squatting belt:.

These machines have a safety release that keeps the cable loose until you attach it to the belt. Once you release the safety, the weight is supported by your legs and the belt, and you can squat away.

Pretty good idea, but way too much cash and space required. I came up with two homemade belt squat versions: one using the lat tower and one using box stands. If you have a lat tower with a lower pulley, you can build this one:. I have enough room to stand directly over the lower pulley assembly, so all I needed was a slightly raised platform. The platform is made out of 2 x 4's and 2 x 6's. It's designed to fit around the lower support of my powertec rack. The wooden platform is just high enough where I can disconnect the cable from the belt when I'm at the lowest point of the belt squatting motion ATG.

To start the belt squat, I just raise the lat tower weight holder unloaded and prop the wooden weight support in place. The wooden weight support has a one inch oak dowel at the bottom. This dowel fits in the hole that's in the base of the lat tower. What's the hole for?

I don't know, but it worked. The wooden weight support is kind of hard to see in the above photo, so here's another photo:. Once the wooden weight support is in place, just load the Olympic plates on. The cable is loose enough where you can stand up and connect it to the belt, then step up on the wooden platform which places tension on the weight holder, and then you can move the wooden weight support out of the way and start squatting!

Coming up with a homemade belt squatting belt was a problem. I tried using my dip belt, but I needed to much extra padding to keep the steel rings and the chain itself from cutting into my inner thighs, so I bit the bullet as they say and invested in a belt squat belt from Spud, Inc. It's padded so nice you can't even tell you are wearing anything! How do you belt squat if you don't have a lat tower with a lower pulley?The ultimate belt squat machine.

There are no comparisons on the market! Every detail has been thought through and engineered over time to continually improve this machine for the closest match to a bar squat you can get.

What does that mean?

Matt Wenning Belt Squat

It means the weight ratios are The weight you pull from the hips is the weight that rests on the bars. We will follow up via email with further instructions on selecting a color. Please ensure that your email address is correctly entered at checkout to avoid delays on your order.

Wenning Strength Depot Inc. Wenning Strength warranties the original purchaser that Wenning Strength equipment will be free of defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for the following periods:.

Things we cannot warranty are carabineers and belts as these are considered high wear objects that should be replaced yearly.

You must use the carabineers that are provided and when replacing, make sure you order from Wenning Strength to get the proper strength attachments. Matt Wenning is a 3 time world champion powerlifter. Army including Infantry and Ranger Divisions. His mother was a nurse, and his father was a Marine and truck driver. After undergoing 12 months of full leg casts and 12 months in a boot, his legs were underdeveloped. Four years later, Matt discovered lifting. In the beginning, lifting was just a stepping stone to the goal of football.

But it became a much larger pathway in his life.

DIY Cable Belt Squat Machine

He excelled with a 3. Join our team, get killer insights and access to new programs, methods and content. Search Home Products. About WS. About Matt Blog. Hand crafted strength. Matt Wenning's Belt Squat Generation 4. Add To Cart. See how we make the best squat machine ever. This warranty does not cover:. Manual Bundle. Minimal Training Manual. Bands, Chains, and Specialty Bars.Please Note: Prices displayed are an estimation only, correct shipping will be calculated at Checkout.

This calculator currently only checks Domestic rates.

Standard Belt Squat

Watch our demonstration video below to see it in action. Belt squat machine product description: Squats are one of the best exercises you can do for your lower body. In fact, they are often called the king of exercises. Working your quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes all at the same time, squats are all-but essential for building muscle, getting stronger, or improving muscle tone.

Unfortunately, squats can also be hard to learn, and many people find them uncomfortable and even painful to perform. They are not usually recommended for people who have back injuries. Hip belt squats allow you to hang the weight from your hips rather than support it on your shoulders. This takes a lot of stress off the lower back and eliminates compression on the intervertebral discs.

You can adjust how deep you squat, and there is also handrail to make getting into the perfect starting position as easy as possible.

beastmetals belt squat

The wide, deep cross-hatched footplate provides the ideal non-slip surface for squats, and will accommodated all foot placement widths, from narrow to very wide sumo squats. With no strain on your lower back, users are free to work their legs as hard as they like in absolute safety.

Built to last, it is constructed from the highest quality heavy duty materials. The frame is powder coated to keeping it looking good for many years. Fitted with weight storage pins to help keep the training area neat and tidy, this machine provides a great alternative to barbell squats. You will receive your new machine complete with a belt included. Australian Shipping We offer discounted shipping at excellent low rates.

You can view your shipping rate at checkout under the shipping options tab, once you have entered your address. While we try our best to ship our products to as many locations as possible, please understand that we may be unable to deliver to some remote rural and offshore locations.

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